If you have any questions that were not answered above, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!

What do I need to play rugby?
All you need to play rugby is a pair of cleats, and a mouth guard. No pads or helmets required.

Do I need to pay anything to play?
Yes, there are a few costs associated to joining our club including club dues and registration fees for USA Rugby and Texas Rugby Union. You can find more details on our Dues Page
Do I need to be a gay man to play for Space City Rugby?
No. Space City Rugby is a rugby club for all men. We have gay players, straight players, and transgender players. Everyone is welcome to join us.

I identify as a woman, can I play for Space City Rugby?
Unfortunately, USA Rugby does not allow mixed-gender teams to play in rugby competitions, so you will not be allowed to play a game for Space City Rugby. That being said, you are allowed to come and practice with us. If you join us for a few practices and end up liking rugby we can help you find a local women's team to compete for.